Tour blog #1 – fire on I5

We set sail on tour yesterday after playing a hometown show in Chico with John Morris, Scout, and Barrel Aged at the Maltese in Chico – this show was great. I had to work the next day but it was still fun to play our second show ever at the Maltese with good pals. Scout also has the same sampler as me and we played the Chico bike festival together so it was great kicking it. I’m pretty sure we’ll see each other around a lot in Chico. I only caught John’s last two songs but he’s got a lot of potential. I hope he plays more often. Barrel aged was super funny. Rob the lead singer guitar player has really good songs and I want to hear their debut record before they get pretentious. I bet it will be raw as hell.

On to Ashland, a 3.5 hour trip that took us almost 6 hours because of this huge fire near Shasta. Because a truck jack-knifed on 299, the normal way to re-route off I5, there was so much traffic we actually went through Lassen. Here’s a visual

Crazy right?

It’s all good with me though. I prefer the country roads. Once we got to oberons in Ashland I was wiped. I had to work the morning after the Maltese show and we left at 1pm. It was 730 now and my brain was buzzing, ordered a pineapple IP from a brewery I never heard of, scarfed a Mac and cheese dog, then set up.

We had a crew of about ten people checking us out and two of them bought CDs so we must have done something right. One guy told me, ‘you guys made it into my CD collection’. Apparently he collects CDs from bands who come through oberons? Cool!

Anyway here’s a pic of the show.

And here’s a pic from a rest stop in Weed, CA – pretty smokey up there

We’re getting breakfast in Jacksonville today (thanks for letting us stay Adriane!).

On to Eugene, OR to play at Sam Bonds Brewery tonight!

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