Tour blog #2 – Eugene, OR

Woke up in Jacksonville, OR and cruised around town looking for coffee. Found a sweet place called pony espresso where we could sit outside.

Everybody in Ashland was wearing masks but folks in Jacksonville/Eugene don’t seem to mind the smoke as much. here’s a couple pics of the gang in Jacksonville.

And here we are in Eugene, OR where we played Sam Bonds Brewery. We were able to cruise the town a little before heading to the venue. Nolan basically gave us a tour if all the venues he’s played with his other bands.

‘played there with Perp D, did an outdoor acoustic set by myself right there, here’s where me, Pat Hull, and Jack Knight posted up for and hour and played munchkin (card game)’. We parked in front of this house in Eugene.

Were trying to get some T-shirts printed up so I made these logos in the car ride

And here’s some pics from the show at Sam Bonds. It went great! We sold some CDs and the other band (muscle beach petting zoo) rocked an instrumental punk/prog set after us.

Today we’re driving to Portland and hopefully it’s less smoky up there. Thanks for reading!

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