Tour Blog #3 Portland

Portland is a very relaxing place. They have CBD infused IPA’s and eCh quadrant is pretty walkable. We hung out in southeast for the most part. Stopped by the peoples pig for some BBQ before the show and the food was amazing. Hazy/juicy IPAs are all the rage now so I threw down a couple of those while we had dinner with family.

We played a show at the Waypost with Green Hills Alone, some Portland homies that graduated from the Chico scene a long time ago. Their set was very enjoyable and even included a rendition of the cheers theme which reminded me if my Chicago days playing the gallery cabaret. The producer if the show really liked that I could play that song and that he got to sing it at the end of our exhausting 3 hour Friday night open mic. I think that’s how I got that gig actually. So it was special to hear that song. Our set was super fun. Here’s a video

I’m starting to really enjoy being able to actually hear myself on the microphone. I’m used to crashing drums and roaring guitars that have to compete with but now if I feel like the music is getting a little too hot, I’m just a small knob turn away from being right in the pocket. I love it. I could do this same set 200 nights in a row no problem.

Anyway, enough lead singer music talk, we’ve sold half our CDs, saw some old friends (Al, Mark, and Ryan) and the next day I got to catch up with my old pal Gary who I haven’t seen in almost ten years. It was amazing. After that the gang hung at my Tabor park

We watched the bears get out foxed by chicoan Aaron Rodgers – he looked like it was a walk on the park coming back from a 20 point lead with a bum leg. Pretty cool. Poor bears.

On our way to Seattle, stopped in Tacoma for korean BBQ. Last show of the tour is on wednesday at substation with Jack Knight.


We’re on our way to Seattle but we’re stopping in Tacoma for Korean food.

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